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Toilets and washrooms

Our toilets and washrooms are clean, sunny and brand new

It is one of our top priorities that our toilets and washrooms are clean. For this, the German ADAC motor club has awarded us the highest possible rating – which makes us proud. For your convenience, our four toilet and washroom blocks offer a pleasant, friendly atmosphere with warm colours, heated floors and lots of room. Our large changing rooms, hair drying and shaving areas also stand out thanks to the generous space available. The inviting entrances are fitted with benches and information boards. And each launderette also offers seating areas, which invite guests to join in the chitchat.


Apart from the shower and toilet rooms, each block offers its own special features:


The sunny dishwashing facilities at the Deichhaus, which is German for dyke house, also offer cooking facilities and a microwave. People with disabilities have barrier-free access to the toilets and washrooms at ground level. And our young guests don’t have to walk far to their own children’s toilets and washrooms. In addition, there is a separate baby care room. Parents and their children can shower together in the family washrooms. The top floor is equipped with pedicure and massage facilities as well as two luxury private washrooms (for an additional charge) with a view of the Baltic Sea. Dog owners can treat their best friends to a warm shower outside the building.


The Möwenhaus, which is German for seagull house, also provides our guests with cooking facilities and a microwave, and even has its own outside area for gutting fish. For people with disabilities, there are specially equipped toilets and washrooms at ground level. The children’s facilities also offer an integrated nappy-changing area. Moreover, the Möwenhaus offers a bright and spacious launderette. You would prefer a private washroom? No problem: the Möwenhaus has two on offer (for an additional charge).


The Sommerhaus, which is German for summer house, is surrounded by beautiful roses. You can sit on a bench chatting and enjoying the scent of the roses while waiting for your laundry to get done in the launderette. The dishwashing facilities are equipped with a microwave for heating up smaller meals and snacks. Parents will find convenient nappy changing facilities in the washrooms.


The Landhaus, which is German for country house, offers several cooking facilities with microwave, a common room with TV and a sauna (for an additional charge). A private washroom can be rented for an additional charge, and toilets and washrooms for people with disabilities, children’s toilets and washrooms and an extra baby care room are also available. Here, too, the spacious launderette is the place for meeting others for a little chat. Outside, the Landhaus offers a separate area for gutting fish.


Check out the short walking distances on our campsite map.  


Each of the toilet and washroom blocks has a small play area – which meant our kids were always looking forward to brushing their teeth.

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    Basheer Gold
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    Ronald Schröter
    Ronald Schröter
    Sehr guter Campingplatz! Sehr freundliche und hilfsbereite Mitarbeiter. 1A Sanitäranlagen und sehr gut sortierter SB... Markt. Sehr schöne Stellplätze mit viel Platz. Hundefreundlich und viele Spielmöglichkeiten für Kinder. Großer Hundestrand nah am Platz und Spielplatz für Hunde mit Agilitybereich mit viel Platz zum Toben für die Hunde! Wir werden ganz sicher wieder kommen! 👌read more
    Jürgen Koglin
    Jürgen Koglin
    Ein sehr schöner und gepflegter Platz mit 1a Sanitäranlagen. Großzügige Stellplätze, mit Wasser/-Abwasser und... Stromanschluss. Da dürfen sich die Nachbarplätze aber zur Decke strecken…. 🙂 Wir freuen uns auf den nächsten Besuch. Bärbel und Jürgen Koglin im September 2023read more
    Sandra Conrad
    Sandra Conrad
    Wir waren sehr zufrieden und werden wieder kommen.
    Rolfi Polfy
    Rolfi Polfy
    Mietwohnwagen Super Toll😀😎
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